Tower of Hanoi


Hello! We are the Tower of Hanoi (also known as Hanoiati), the Politecnico di Milano CTF team. We are a group of B.Sc, M.Sc, and Ph.D. students interested in information security. We love to play CTF and sometimes to organize them too (check out the PoliCTF!). Our CTFTime profile lists the competitions we recently took part to.

We usually meet weekly in the NECSTLab, a research laboratory of the Politecnico di Milano that deals mainly with computer security and computer architectures. During our meetings, we either review together the past CTF challenges or discuss interesting information security topics.

Cool, but… what is a CTF?

CTFs (Capture The Flag) are information security competitions, aimed at teaching how to find, exploit and patch security vulnerabilities and, in turn, how to avoid vulnerabilities when writing software.

Some CTFs are organized as attack-defense competitions: different teams receive a virtual machine image with some vulnerable (network) services; each team has to find the vulnerabilities, patch them in its own image to defend themselves from the attacks of other teams, and exploit the vulnerabilities attacking other teams to gain tokens (i.e., flags) needed to score game points.

In jeopardy-style ones (the majority of online CTFs!), instead, teams are presented with a set of specific challenges in a range of categories, touching aspects such as vulnerability exploitation, reverse engineering, cryptography and others.


If you are interested, feel free to drop us a line! Our email address is, or you can find us on Twitter @towerofhanoi.

If you are a student interested into a thesis or a project in the field of information security (or you just want to learn more about the academic research activities of our lab), check out the NECST Laboratory website.